Hyspan Barco ASME Class Ball Joints

ASME Class Ball Joints are designed to conform to the ratings established for ASME butt weld valves at 100º F. Designs are available from 150 lb. through 2500 lb. They are recommended for use in ASME B31.1 and B31.3 piping systems. Hyspan Barco ASME class ball joints have been widely accepted for chemical and petroleum system applications including oil field wellheads, oil exploration drilling ships and platforms, and high pressure steam and hot water

The sealing system consist of optional seal materials including ductile iron, chrome-moly alloy steel and high nickel alloys 600 and 625 combined with injected graphite flakes with synthetic oil, Grafoil® Flexible Graphite packing. Grafoil® packing can be injected after installation if necessary, and the ball joints can be disassembled for maintenance.

All Hyspan Barco ASME Class Ball Joints are designed for a total flex angle of 15°.

ASME Class Ball Joints have been fire tested in accordance with API 6FA and approved by ABS Americas and Lloyd's Register for shipboard applications.

Flex Torque/Pressure
ASME Class Hyspan Barco Ball Joints


ASME Class Hyspan Barco Ball Joints

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Installation an Maintenance Procedures

Proper application and maintenance of ball joints is important. Refer to the Installation and Maintenance Procedures for ASME Class ball joints for the correct procedures including disassembly and seal replacement.

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